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Alan Watt - A Globalist Agenda For a Dumbed Down Domesticated So
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Alan Watt A Globalist Agenda For a Dumbed Down Domesticated Society MP4 Elite Conspiracy New World Order Rockefeller Voice to Skull
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Alan Watt - A Globalist Agenda For a Dumbed Down Domesticated Society.mp4 - 1h 59min 640 x 360

Alan Watt is one of the most prolific researchers and educators on the subject of global governance, Geo-politics and the unfolding New World Order.

The information he broadcasts from his flagship radio show called "Cutting through the Matrix" is meticulously and thoroughly researched, evoking the listener to think about the world around them, not as it is presented but rather how they are governed by it.

Who are the players that design this world policy and manipulatively attempt to control portions of our population through policies and agendas unbeknown to so many?

Who are the organizations that guide sovereign nations to compliance and thus prepare us for servitude through perpetual debt and intended crisis?

For two hours, Alan takes us through many interesting walkabouts that are seldom discussed on mainstream media let alone throughout any academic curriculum.

Essential to understanding the basics of manipulative control systems implemented against the general public by organized efforts this video is a good introduction to changes and agenda's approaching that would lead one to better comprehend a few concealed realities around them.

Spread the truth, the New World Order must be stopped!

We must reach a critical mass of people that are aware of the crimes our governments are involved in, the time to act is now.

Together we can make the world a better place for ourselves as well as our children and future generations.

If you appreciate the paradigm shifting information that I bring forth, show my videos, books, documentaries on the global conspiracy to your friends and loved ones, help them wake up and understand that we are all in this fight together.

Loving one another and uniting together to fight against evil is the last thing the elite want us to do, but we must stand up for ourselves and future generations.

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